▪  Protecting Our Planet, One Step at a Time.

Yongkang Angrui Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a new found company is July, 2023. And Antiraedi is their brand name as it prefix anti, and raedi means radiation, which you might have already guessed it is about anti-radiation.

Antiraedi was born from a deep love for the beach and a concern for the Earth's future. The founder, Rica CHENG, driven by a desire to safeguard our environment from radiation's impact, took the first step by introducing radiation detectors.

With these devices, people could now ensure the safety of their favorite beaches and the seafood they enjoyed. Empowering individuals with knowledge, Antiraedi became a symbol of protection and hope.

As support grew, the brand expanded its mission, investing in cutting-edge technology for personal protection equipment. Their vision attracted a worldwide community of advocates united in their commitment to a healthier future.